Antarctica - the Ice Reich

Nazi Ufos and Secret Bases at the South Pole

In May, 1978, at Stand 111 in a scientific exhibition in the "Hannover Messe", some gentlemen were giving away what at first sight appeared to be an orthodox scientific newspaper called "Brisant".

The paper contained two seemingly unrelated articles: one on the scientific and ecological value of the Antarctic, the other about a German World War II flying saucer construction project, named "Projekt Saucer".

The first article, written from a neo-Nazi standpoint, included an assertion that West Germany should claim back their right to Queen Maud Land in the Antarctic, which the Nazis stole from the Norwegians during World War II and renamed "Neu Schwabenland".

The second article, which asserted that the German scientists were the first, but not the only ones, to construct highly advanced saucer-shaped aircraft, was accompanied by reproductions of technical drawings of a World War II flying saucer.

The unnamed author failed to name the designer of the flying saucer and claimed that the drawings had been altered by the West German government to render them "safe" for publication.

Adding weight to his claim, he also pointed out that during the Second World War, all such inventions, whether civilian or military, would have been submitted to the nearest patent office where, under paragraphs 30a and 99 of the "Patent-und Strafgesetzbuch"

They would have been routinely classified as "secret", confiscated, and passed on to one of Himmler's many SS research establishments...

At the end of the war some of those patents disappeared into secret Soviet files, others disappeared into equally secret British and American files, and the remainder disappeared with "missing" German scientists and SS troops.

Since neither the British, the Americans nor the Russians are ever likely to reveal what, precisely, was discovered in the secret factories in Nazi Germany, it is worth noting that in 1945 Sir Roy Feddon, leader of a technical mission to Germany for the British Ministry of Aircraft Production, reported:

"I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare".

In 1956, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, then head of the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book, was able to state:

"When World War II ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. 

"The majority of these were in the preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could ever approach the performance of the objects reported by UFO observers".

The rest of the article was just as intriguing.

What it was claiming is that throughout the course of the Second World War the Germans sent ships and planes to Queen Maud Land, or Neu Schwabenland, in the Antarctic with equipment for massive underground complexes.

These were to be similar to those they had constructed in Thuringia and the Harz Mountains, in Germany; that at the end of the war, some of the scientists and engineers who had worked on Projekt Saucer escaped from Germany by submarine and ended up in an underground base in the Antarctic, where they continued to construct even more advanced flying saucers.

The Americans and Soviets, upon learning about this, then used their captured German scientists and technical papers for the secret construction of their own flying saucers. Which according to "Brisant" explains why, even before "Glasnost", all the nations of the world, even the Soviets and the Americans, had co-operated with one-another only in the Antarctic. In short, the flying saucers seen by so many people since World War II, are not extraterrestrial spacecraft, but are, in fact, extraordinarily advanced, top-secret, man-made machines. They come from right here on Earth.

An unlikely scenario or a frightening truth? Intrigued by this material, but uncertain of its veracity, I decided to turn it into a work of fiction..

During my two years of intensive research, I uncovered written and photographic material which proved beyond doubt that Nazi Germany had in fact initiated a research programme for the development of saucer-shaped aircraft; that at the close of the war seasoned Allied pilots were submitting official reports about harassment by "balls of fire" that tailed them and made their aircraft and radar malfunction; that one of the leading members of Germany's Projekt Saucer development team disappeared into the Soviet Union and another went to work with German rocket expert, Wernher von Braun, for NASA, in the United States.

The book "German Secret Weapons of the Second World War" by Major Rudolf Lusar, published 1957, contains less than two pages of text in the section headed 'Flying Saucers', but its influence has been quite remarkable. Here, in full, is the text of that brief section: 

"Flying saucers have been whirling round the world since 1947, suddenly turning up here and there, soaring in and darting off again at unprecedented speed with flames encircling the rim of the saucer's disc. They have been located by radar, pursued by fighters and yet nobody has so far succeeded in establishing the existence of such a 'flying saucer' or managed to ram or shoot one down. The public, even the experts, are perplexed by an ostensible mystery or a technical miracle. But slowly the truth is coming out that even during the war German research workers and scientists made the first moves in the direction of these ''flying saucers''. They built and tested such near-miraculous contraptions. Experts and collaborators in this work confirm that the first projects, called "flying discs", were undertaken in 1941. The designs for these ''flying discs'' were drawn up by the German experts [Rudolf] Schriever, [Otto or Klaus] Habermohl and [Richard or Walter] Miethe, and the Italian Bellonzo [Guiseppe Belluzzo in other sources]. Habernohl and Schriever chose a wide-surface ring which rotated round a fixed, cupola-shaped cockpit. The ring consisted of adjustable wing-discs which could be brought into appropriate position for the take-off' or horizontal flight. respectively. Miethe developed a discus-shaped plate of a diameter of 42m in which adjustable jets were inserted. Schriever and Habermohl, who worked in Prague, took off with the first "flying disc'' on 14 February 1945. Within three minutes they climbed to an altitude of I2,400m and reached a speed of 2,000 km/h in horizontal flight. It was intended ultimately to achieve speeds of 4,000 km/h.

"Extensive preliminary tests and research were necessary before construction could be started. Because of the great speed and the extraordinary heat stress, special heat-resisting materials had to be found. The development, which cost millions, was almost completed at the end of the war. The then existing models were destroyed but the plant in Breslau where Miethe worked fell into the hands of the Russians who took all the material and the experts to Siberia, where work on these "flying saucers" is being successfully continued.

"Schriever escaped from Prague in time; Habermohl, however, is probably in the Soviet Union, as nothing is known of his fate. [Habermohl, a BMW engineer who worked as part of the Flugzeug Special Projects Group in Prague, was the man who developed the radial-flow jet engine in the 1930s, described in various articles as a system of "adjustable" nozzles, of great significance just ten years later. Radial-flow allowed for VTOL performance and used the little-known "Coanda" effect. He was captured by the Russians in Prague on or about 11 May 1945, and undoubtedly helped the construction of a Soviet disc]. The former designer Miethe is in the United States and, as far as is known, is building "flying saucers" for the United States at the A. V. Roe works. Years ago, the U.S. Air Force received orders not to fire at "flying saucers". This is an indication of the existence of American "flying saucers" which must not be endangered. The flying shapes so far observed are stated to have diameters of 16, 42, 45 and 75 m respectively and to reach speeds of up to 7,000 km/h. In 1952 "flying saucers" were definitely established over Alsace in the autumn of 1954. It can no longer be disputed that "flying saucers" exist. But the fact that their existence is still being denied, particularly in America, because United States developments have not progressed far enough to match the Soviet Union's, gives food for thought. There also seems some hesitation to recognise that these novel "flying saucers" are far superior to conventional aircraft - including modern turbo-jet machines - that they surpass their flying performance, load capacity and maneouvrability and thereby make them obsolete".

Most of the known post-war "tailless" aircraft and "flying wings" were constructed in Canada.

That the Canadian AVRO flying saucer, the existence of which was officially denied until it was photographed illicitly by an American journalist, was later handed over to the U.S., all too publicly proclaimed to have been a failure, then placed on display in the U.S. Air Force Museum in Fort Eustis, Virginia; and, finally, that articles about man-made flying saucers, including the German Kugelblitz and the Canadian AVRO-Car prototype, had been published not only by the "lunatic" fringe but by highly respected aeronautical magazines such as "Luftfahrt International", the "Royal Air Force Flying Review", and the "U.S. News & World Report". 

So flying saucers, whether primitive or highly advanced, were certainly constructed in Nazi Germany and post-war Canada, in the latter case with the aid of the United States.

In 1980, my 615-page novel, "Genesis", based on a mass of research material, including that mentioned above, was published. 

It became a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic, eventually dropped off the bestseller lists, but then became a "Cult" book, and now, ten years after its publication, it remains in print. 

So flying saucers, primitive or highly advanced, were certainly constructed in Nazi Germany and post-war Canada, in the latter case with the aid of the United States.

In 1980, my 615-page novel, "Genesis", based on a mass of research material, including that mentioned above, was published. 

It became a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic, eventually dropped off the bestseller lists, but then became a "Cult" book, and now, ten years after its publication, it remains in print. 

Reviewing the novel on its publication in the United States, "Publishers Weekly" said:

'Harbinson has drawn so heavily on factual material and integrated it so well into the text that the book begins to read like non-fiction'.

-- W. A. Harbinson

The Do-Stra Haunebu flying disc was the German
huge heavy flight gyro developed in the Second World War.

Contrary to many opinions, it was not armed. 

It was intended to produce the Haunebu II with tenders for Dornier in early 1945
but the end of the war prevented Dornier from building any Haunebu production.

Nazi UFOs and Secret Bases at the South Pole
The year was 1945. Even as it became apparent that the tide of the war was turning in favor of the Allies, German scientists working for the Nazis still had a few tricks up their sleeves. Secret devices were being built in the labs and factories of the underground complexes in the Harz Mountains and elsewhere.

Late in the war, Allied pilots began to see unusual lights and silvery globes flying at their wingtips.They nicknamed these foo fighters and Kraut fireballs thinking they were some new secret weapon of the Nazis.The objects, however, never attacked an allied plane, they just flew near them.

These Feuerballs were unmanned, remote controlled devices whose main purpose was to jam the radar of the Allied planes and to confuse and intimidate them. They would have been great offensive weapons, but no satisfactory method of arming them was found in time. A larger, manned version, called the Kugelblitz, was being built and tested, but the war ended before it could put into service.

In 1938, Hitler had sent an expedition headed by Captain Alfred Richter to the part of Antarctica just opposite the tip of South America to locate a site for a secret base, and by 1945 the base was completed. In the spring of 1945, when the fall of the Third Reich had become inevitable, the untested Kugelblitz, along with the engineers overseeing its construction, were loaded into a submarine, the U-977, and taken to this ultra-secret underground Nazi base. After delivering this cargo, the U-977 and those of the crew who did not wish to spend the rest of their lives in an underground base put in at Mar del Plata, Argentina on 17 August 1945.

The U-977 crew thought that they would get a friendly reception in Argentina, but they were immediately turned over to the United States as prisoners of war. They were thoroughly interrogated several times by the Americans and the British before going through the normal prisoner of war process.

As a result of these interrogations, the United States invaded Queen Maud Land in January 1947 to determine for sure whether or not there was a Nazi secret base there. Led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the force consisted of thirteen ships, two seaplane tenders, an aircraft carrier, twelve other aircraft, six helicopters, and a force of 4,000 men. The expedition was called Operation Highjump, and its cover mission was that of mapping the entire Antarctic coastline.

Byrd lost many men and several aircraft to the Nazis the first day. The expedition, which had been planned to last for several months, was cut short after a few weeks.


According to the newspaper "Brisant", Byrd reportedly told a reporter later:

"It was necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions....fighters that are able to fly from either pole with incredible speed".

The United States then withdrew from the Antarctic for several years, and UFOs began to be seen around the world in increasing numbers.

Is Any of This True?

It is certainly true that the Nazis were working on secret weapons all through the war and that they had underground complexes in the Harz Mountains and elsewhere. There was evidence that they planned to make their last stand, if necessary, in a huge underground complex in the Alps called the Alpine Redoubt. However, those plans never materialized and the complex was never finished.

It's also true that Allied pilots saw unusual lights and objects in the skies over Europe and the Far East. However, while the Allies thought these were Nazi secret weapons, the German pilots saw them too and thought they were Allied secret weapons. No explanation for these foo fighters was ever found.

The Feuerball story is one of several regarding Nazi flying disks and it comes from the writings of Renato Vesco.

Vesco's book "Intercept UFO" was released as a collaboration with David Hatcher Childress and re-titled "Man-Made UFOs 1944-1994". Vesco was a member of the Italian Air Force during World War Two who became interested in UFOs and German secret weapons after the war. He claims to have obtained his information from British war documents.

His thesis of the purpose of foo fighters being to jam radar doesn't really pan out. There are no reports that radar jamming occurred when foo fighters were in the area. If the Nazis had actually had such craft, it seems more likely that they would have packed them full of explosives, flown them near an Allied plane, and then detonated them. However, flying such a craft at high altitudes and making the reported maneuvers of the objects by remote control would have been close to impossible with the technology available at the time.

Hitler may have sent an expedition to the Antarctic in 1938 and claimed part of Queen Maud Land for Germany as Neuschwabenland, but there's little documented information about such an expedition to be found. Nor is there any evidence that a secret base was ever built there. The area is claimed by Norway today.

There was certainly an 'Operation Highjump' led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in 1947. The expedition took over 70,000 aerial photographs of the Antarctic coastline. The numbers of ships, planes, and men given is correct, but it was hardly an invasion force. Just after the war ended, ships and planes were surplus. There was little else for them to be used for, so the navy was happy to send them to Antarctica with Byrd. As for the expedition losing many men and planes, that's an exaggeration. One PBM flew too low, grazed the surface, and exploded. Three men died as a result, and the rest of the crew was rescued. Byrd, who had never lost any men on any of his expeditions, was so upset over the loss of life that he cut the expedition short.

Operation Highjump did discover an area free of ice that contained unusually colored "lakes", that they called an oasis. A sample of the lake water was obtained and on analysis it was found that the water was brackish, indicating that the "lakes" were connected to the sea. The color came from abundant algae growth. The press seized on this discovery before it was shown that the water was salty and the "oasis" was later touted as evidence for not only a secret base, but as evidence for an opening into a hollow interior of the Earth as well.

The U-977 did indeed dock at Mar del Plata, Argentina on 17 August 1945, months after the war was over. The reason, while fascinating, was not because they carried Nazi UFOs and scientists to Antarctica. The real reason was that many of the crewmembers did not wish to surrender to the Allies in Germany. After secretly dropping off those that did, Captain Schäffer took his U-Boat from Germany to Argentina, spending sixty days submerged during the voyage. Argentina was expected to be a safe haven for them. Due to the fact that the Russians captured Berlin and the remains of Hitler's corpse, some people in Allied Intelligence thought he was still alive. Those skeptical of Hitler's death suspected Schäffer and U-977 of spiriting Hitler out of Germany, and that's why he was interrogated at such great length.

Hitler’s South Pole Hideaway
Notes on a Strange World
Massimo Polidoro
Skeptical Inquirer Volume 37.1 
January/February 2013

“Searching for Hitler’s DNA in Antarctica”

This is the bizarre headline that made the news a few months ago, launched by Russian news agency "Ria Novosti" and picked up by the world media after scientists were able to successfully drill into Antarctica’s Lake Vostok. The lake, a massive liquid reservoir cut off from daylight for fourteen million years and buried beneath two miles of ice, is the object of a years-long project to study its waters, which may house life-forms new to science. But what immediately caught the imagination was what seemed to be a revamping of the long-held myth that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his Berlin Bunker in May 1945 but was able to escape via submarine to a secret base at the South Pole.

Massive Swastika Found Under Ancient Lake in Antarctica 
A shocking Ministry of Defense report on Russian media about a massive underwater structure shaped like a Nazi-like Swastika discovered in an ancient lake in Antarctica has sparked fears.
17 April 2014

The Russian scientific team that has successfully drilled 3,768 meters into the world’s largest submerged lake on the continent of Antarctica, believed to be untouched for over 20 million years, states that the underwater video camera discovered the “striking image” of a “golden-like Swastika” estimated to be no less than 100 meters in height and width.

According to this report, the discovery of this underwater Swastika was made late January, followed immediately by the Ministry ordering the scientists who have been working on this project for the past 20 years into silence.

Highly specialized encrypted communication devices has been dispatched to them. This unusual secrecy has added to existing fears as they had been "out of communication" for 5 days. Upon their receiving their new communication “devices” the scientists released their first report to the world through Russian state media’s "RIA Novosti" which added into their announcement of this historic mission the following:

“It is thought that towards the end of the Second World War, the Nazis moved to the South Pole and started constructing a base at Lake Vostok. In 1943, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz was quoted saying:

“Germany’s submarine fleet is proud that it created an unassailable fortress for the Führer on the other end of the world, in Antarctica".

With the current events at Lake Vostok, an old theory saying that German Nazis may have built a secret base there as early as the 1930s, has resurfaced. It is thought that towards the end of the Second World War, the Nazis moved to the South Pole and started constructing a base in Antarctica.

Russian interest in Antarctica, particularly Lake Vostok, were heightened after World War II when in 1947 American Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the US, Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica called "Operation Highjump", but who were reported to have encountered heavy resistance from Nazi "flying saucers" and had to call off the invasion.

According to German naval archives, months after Germany surrendered to the Allies in April, 1945, the German submarine U-530 arrived at the South Pole from the Port of Kiel.

Crew members constructed an ice cave and supposedly stored several boxes of relics from the Third Reich, including Hitler’s secret files.

It is also rumored that later the submarine U-977 delivered elite genetics to Antarctica for DNA cloning purposes. The subs then entered the Argentinean port of Mar-del-Plata and surrendered to authorities.

"It is thought that towards the end of the Second World War, the Nazis moved to the South Pole and started constructing a base at Lake Vostok", claimed "RIA Novosti", the Russian state news agency.

It cited Admiral Karl Dönitz in 1943 saying "Germany's submarine fleet is proud that it created an unassailable fortress for the Führer on the other end of the world", in Antarctica.

According to German naval archives, months after the Nazis surrendered to the Allies in April 1945, the U-530 submarine arrived at the South Pole from the Port of Kiel.

The crew are rumoured to have constructed a still undiscovered ice cave "and supposedly stored several boxes of relics from the Third Reich, including Hitler's secret files".

A later claim was that a U-977 submarine delivered remains of Hitler and Eva Braun to Antarctica in the hope they could be cloned from their DNA. The submariners then went to Argentina to surrender, it was claimed.



Now this requires, as you might suspect, a bit of commentary

First, the U-530 and U-977 did indeed show up in Argentina some months after the end of the war in Europe to surrender to Argentine authorities, which of course, in March of 1945, had entered the war on the Allied side, when Generalissimo Juan Peron declared war on his best friends, the Nazis [it will be recalled that a young Colonel Peron accompanied the Nazi delegation, including Hitler himself, when Hitler toured Paris after the Fall of France in June of 1940].

But what is not known is exactly where those U-Boats went nor what they were doing. Is it possible they went to Antarctica? Yes. Certainly. Is it possible that the Germans constructed some sort of base there during the war? Yes, that's also possible, though it is highly unlikely that this included the sorts of nonsense one hears in certain circles, namely, that they constructed a secret flying saucer research and manufacturing base there, defended with all sorts of exotic weaponry. For one thing, as I point out in "Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops", the notion that the Nazis had developed any sort of practical field propulsion flying saucer is just patently absurd. If there was a base in Antarctica, it may have been for a limited U-Boat operation and/or weather monitoring, and possibly much more limited research.

As for Grand Admiral Dönitz's remarks, these too have often been construed - as the state-run Russian media apparently agrees - as implying Antarctica. But as I have also pointed out in numerous books, the Nazi compounds in and around San Carlos di Bariloche in Rio Negro province of Argentina are no strangers to harsh winters either. 

What is interesting here is why Russia would be calmly implying that the Nazi survival myth -to the exclusion of recent research that maintains Hitler and Eva escaped to Argentine- is true. And that they might "uncover something" in Antarctica that would shed further light on the mystifying end of World War Two. My bet is, they already have, and for the moment, they're not talking, but they are letting people know that they have in their quiet, Russian, chess-playing way.

-- Joseph P. Farrell

I [May] Stand Corrected! New Videos of the German Expedition to Antarctica
Joseph P. Farrell
As many of you who've read my books on the Nazi aspect of this big story know, I have long maintained serious doubts about the claims that during their 1938-1939 expedition to Antarctica they began the establishment of large bases there, and continued to do so during the war. My chief reason for opposition to this long-standing myth has been that operationally, it would have placed severe limitations on the German Kriegsmarine during the war. Additionally I have also maintained that the idea of a large research facility in Antarctica was also very dubious, since the advanced physics projects such as the Bell and so on would have required enormous electrical power, taxing those meager naval resources even more, for imagining shuttling by U-Boat from Germany the construction crews, technicians, and equipment to make all of it possible.

With that in mind, watch these films [they're about 12 minutes in length, total]. I apologize as I have not had the time to translate the various title cards that appear in the newsreels, but here, the message is in the pictures anyway.

First, let me say that there is no question in my mind that we are looking at actual authentic UFA newsreels of the 1939-1939 Ritscher Expedition to the southern-most continent.

It is this that makes the comparison between the two films interesting, for in the first, shorter film, one is given the impression that the expedition was conducted by a U-Boat, when in fact, the second film gets that part of the story correct: the expedition was led by Captain Ritscher, and it was mounted from a large sea-plane tender ship. But what I find really really interesting in the second film are the images. One sees clear evidence that the Nazis found large caves there, exactly as has always been maintained by the "Nazi Antarctica Myth"

But then the film shows some truly remarkable things, and does so without commentary; after showing us various pictures of large caves in Antarctica, it then goes on to show blueprints for a large underground Bunker or factory, and then its actual construction in Germany.

It shows after this a picture of research facilities - again without commentary - with what appears to be two very large Van de Graf generators or Tesla coils, showing research facilities and electrical equipment.

All of this, of course, suggests that indeed the Nazis had plans for Antarctica, and that those plans exceeded those of using that continent merely as a U-Boat base.

The second film does not show or say anything else, but this is the clear impression that it gives. The difference between these two films suggests that the second one may never have seen the theater, for it is very revealing; the first film contains little to none of the imagery of the second.

Whether or not the Nazis ever did succeed in the plans suggested by the second film is not, for the moment, here at issue, but that the second film does in a way corroborate the persistent legend about Nazi survival in Antarctica, and it is true that the size of the caves depicted in the film could easily shelter a fairly substantial number of people. Sustaining them would have been the problem.

We are left again, with a maybe of Nazi survival in Antarctica, a maybe that could, might, just slimly support the idea of some sort of research facility, though that maybe just now grew a lot stronger.

There is a secret Nazi UFO base buried beneath the massive ice shelf on the continent of Antarctica, some conspiracy theorists are saying, and the proof can be found in NASA satellite photos and all the recent trips being made by high-ranking officials to the icy polar region, or so they contend. It would appear that recent events have conspired to breathe new life into the modern myth and conspiracy theory of Nazi flying saucer technology and the establishment of an extant underground base operating in Antarctica that just won’t die.

The "Daily Mail" reported this week that YouTube channel "SecureTeam10" posted a video wherein the avid UFO hunters posit the bizarre theory that a decade-old anomaly discovered in NASA photos suggests the existence of UFO bases built by Nazis during World War II. SecureTeam10 contends that scientists, even today, "have no idea or way to discover exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf" and Antarctica is "shrouded in mystery".

But the UFO hunters suggest that new evidence highlights what could very well be tell-tale signs of the Nazi UFO bases. [It is a commonly held belief in conspiracy theory circles that Ffoo Fighters" and flying saucers seen during World War II were part of the Nazi’s secret weapon development program]..

"There is some evidence of this coming to light in recent years,”"the narrator comments in the video, "with images purporting to show various entrances built into the side of mountains, with a saucer shape and at a very high altitude. This begs the question: how would you enter these entrances without something that could fly and was the same shape as the hole itself?"

Much of this "evidence" comes from other conspiracy theory and UFO enthusiast YouTube channels, blogs, and websites, where speculative theories are often presented without substantive proof, factual evidence, and/or credible scientific deduction.

Another new addendum to the Nazi UFO base theory that SecureTeam10 makes reference to is U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent trip to Antarctica, which has been presented as proof of a cover-up or the existence of something of great international importance being kept in the icy region. But, as the "Washington Post" reported, Kerry’s trip was to highlight the effects of climate change on Antarctica prior to the Marrakech Climate Change Conference in November.

But conspiracy theorists suggest that the U.S. Navy has also been sent to investigate the secret UFO bases.

Part of the new conspiracy theory is founded on the 2006 NASA photos of Antarctica that show a massive anomaly stretching 185 miles wide in a region of the icy continent known as Wilkes Land. But even the scientist who discovered the anomaly, Ralph von Frese, a professor of geological sciences at Ohio State University at the time, said it was the impression made by a gigantic asteroid impact.

"This Wilkes Land impact is much bigger than the impact that killed the dinosaurs," he said [per the "Daily Mail"], "and probably would have caused catastrophic damage at the time".

Since this is only a working theory, though, and has yet to be proven via tests and exploration, conspiracy theory enthusiasts and UFO hunters continue to push their own theories, including those that contend that secret UFO bases hide beneath the vast ice shelf.

The Antarctic Nazi UFO base conspiracy theory itself was debunked by a peer-reviewed paper published in "Nature" magazine in 2007. "Wired" reported that an extensive, point-by-point take-down of the conspiracy theory [and its various offshoots] was explored in the 21-page expository which noted, first and foremost, that Nazi Germany sent only a single mission to Antarctica, hoping to establish a viable whaling outpost, and spent just one day there — hardly enough time to construct, let alone maintain, an operational base.

Colin Summerhayes of the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and Toronto-based Peter Beeching, the authors of the paper, used documentary evidence and their own first-hand experience of the Antarctic to dissect and debunk the strange and persistent conspiracy theory.

And yet, the Antarctic Nazi UFO base myth continues to thrive, possibly due to the simplistic logic of misguided wishful thinking, the power of suggestion, confirmation bias, and the conspiracy theorist stand-by fallacy that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Besides, as the thinking goes, the base [or bases] was secret, so it stands to reason that such a facility [or facilities] would not be extensively documented or catalogued [or perhaps even mentioned], and it has not been proven that there are no Nazi UFO bases underneath the icy wastelands.

Doubtful Death of Adolf Hitler

Such an idea started circulating immediately after the end of the war. 

In 1952, President Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin". Stalin’s top army officer, Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the first to enter Berlin, flatly stated after a long thorough investigation in 1945: “We have found no corpse that could be Hitler’s". The chief of the U.S. trial counsel at Nuremberg, Thomas J. Dodd, said: "No one can say he is dead". Former Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes in his book "Frankly Speaking" stated that, after the war, at the Potsdam Conference of the Big Four, he met Stalin, who "left his chair, came over, and clinked his liquor glass with mine in a very friendly manner. I said to him: ‘Marshal Stalin, what is your theory about the death of Hitler?’ Stalin re­plied: ‘He is not dead. He escaped either to Spain or Argentina'.

If so many Nazi officers and criminals, like Adolf Eichmann or Josef Mengele, were able to escape undisturbed from defeated Germany, who’s to say that a diabolical mind like Hitler’s could not have set up a plan in order to simulate his own death? After all, it was known that, like many dictators, he used doubles in order to disorient his enemies. What if he had left the body of one such double in Berlin while he was fleeing to the South Pole?

It appears that in the early 1930s, the imaginations of Nazi hierarchs and maybe Hitler’s as well was captured by theories that the Earth was hollow inside and inhabited by a superior race. In particular, Madame Blavatsky’s esoteric theories had inspired the notorious Thule Society, the extremist right-wing German secret group that later reorganized and became the Nazi Party. Anxious to demonstrate the superiority of the Aryan race, theorists accepted legends of advanced civilizations living inside the Earth: such a superior breed had to be the Reich’s progenitor. 

Nazis on Ice

Proof is lacking, but some claim that Hitler had ordered an expedition aiming to find the entrance to the inside of the Earth and that this had been located at the South Pole. Admiral Karl Dönitz referred to this during the Nuremberg trial when he stated: “The German submarine fleet has even now established an earthly paradise, an impregnable for­tress, for the Führer, in whatever part of the world". Although he did not specify where the exact location was, many believed it was Antarctica.

After the war, Nazi sympathizer Ernst Zündel claimed that Hitler and a trusted group of men had been able to escape aboard a ship in which they entered the Earth through a hole at the South Pole. Inside the Earth, Nazi scientists worked to build a new army with which to take over the world. An army that could count on revolutionary round, flying vehicles: UFOs.

Hitler didn't escape, Russian forensic centre says 
28 June 2008

Moscow - The Russian Centre for Forensic Medicine issued an unusual denial Saturday, saying German dictator Adolf Hitler didn't escape to a secret base at the South Pole at the end of World War II but died in Berlin. Viktor Zvyagin, the head of the identification department, told the "RIA Novosti" news agency that "for the specialists in Russia and abroad there is no doubt that Hitler died on 30 April 1945".

Russian media reports had recently speculated that Hitler managed to flee Berlin before it fell to Russian troops.

The charred corpses of Hitler and his wife Eva Braun were found in a bomb crater in Berlin and this was proven by forensic tests, Zvyagin stressed.

The dictator had taken his life; Eva Braun and trusted propagandist Josef Göb­bels had as well. Following Hitler’s orders, the bodies had been burned. When the Soviet army arrived they found the charred remains and could not recognize who they belonged to. The remains were subsequently examined with forensics, and their true identities were ascertained. The corpses were then buried and in 1970 Brezhnev ordered them ex­humed, incinerated, and dispersed in the waters of the Elbe, in order to prevent fanatics’ pilgrimages.

Legends Never Die

If all of this is clear, then why is it that the claim of a possible escape by Hitler can still make front-page news? Be­cause urban legends never really die, and with the new findings at Lake Vostok, someone unearthed a forgotten story. Some claim that according to German marine records, months after the Nazis surrendered to the Allies in 1945, the U-530 submarine reached Antarctica from Kiel. There, the members of the crew did not build a fortress for the Führer, but inside an ice cave they may have hidden some crates containing Third Reich relics and, even, DNA samples of Hitler and Eva Braun for cloning purposes. With their mission accomplished, the sailors reached Argentina and surrendered to Mar del Plata authorities.

However, notwithstanding sensational headlines in some newspapers, it appears highly unlikely that we will soon read about the finding in Lake Vostok of such a cave and its crates. And this silence, without a doubt, will represent further proof that the relics really exist, at least to those who love to see conspiracies everywhere.

Researchers find secret Nazi base —built to search for ancient artifacts— in the Arctic
23 October 2016
An expeditionary team from the Russian Arctic National Park has just found a secret Nazi base named  "Schatzgräber" or Treasure Hunter in the Arctic. The team found more than 500 objects of historical value in the ruins of what was once a Nazi base, said to have been built to search the arctic for ancient artifacts. The secret base is believed to have been one of the many sites built by the Nazi’s in their quest for supremacy.

More specifically, the finding was made last August —as local media reveals— in Alexandra, an island located more than 1,000 kilometers from the North Pole.

While people were cautious when the discovery was made a couple of months ago due to the lack of images and conclusive evidence, the news has gone viral as the team has posted a video where we can see a number of artifacts and the base completely in ruins.

The mysterious base, named  "Schatzgräber" or "Treasure Hunter" was erected in 1942 – just one year after the Third Reich invaded Russia.

Experts believe that the Schatzgräber base may have been part of a much larger mission that was put in place when the Nazi’s searched for ancient artifacts.

So far, experts have recovered around 500 objects from the site. The ruins of the base, petrol cannisters, and even paper documents are among the items recovered by Russian researchers. The objects are in a relatively good condition, preserved by the intense cold.

It is believed that in 1944, Treasure Hunter personnel were evacuated after an illness broke out after consuming contaminated polar bear meat.

Six years after, in 1950, the secret base was dismantled.

However, one of the most mysterious details surrounding the secret Nazi base is why the Nazi’s decided to call a ‘weather station’ ‘Treasure Hunter.’ 

Were they looking for actual treasures? If so, why the Arctic? What were the Nazi’s expecting to find in such an inhospitable area?

Many people believe that the Nazi’s had several bases not only in the Arctic but in Antarctica as well.

It is well known that during the Second World War, the Nazis carried out a number of strange experiments with alleged technologies unknown to the rest of the world in their attempt to rule the world.

They searched the planet for mythical artifacts and otherworldly technology hoping to come across a supreme power that would allow them to conquer the unconquerable.

The Arctic and Antarctica may have been of extreme importance to the Nazis, as they had expected to find "ancient technology" in two of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

"Station 211" on Antarctica is said to have been a similar base to "Schatzgräber" or Treasure Hunter in the Arctic.

Many authors propose that in 1946-47 Admiral Byrd, one of the most famous American polar explorers searched for secret Nazi bases. Many authors propose that the Operation Highjump —when Admiral Byrd had at his disposal the largest armada ever sent to Antarctica—was established to investigate a Nazi presence.

All of the artifacts discovered at the "Treasure Hunter" base in the Arctic are being transported to Arkhangelsk for analysis by experts who will try to solve the mystery and real purpose of the abandoned Nazi base in the Arctic.

Numerous "alleged" covert operations took place during the Nazi era, and one of the most memorable is that of Neuschwabenland or New Swabia and the enigmatic Base 211 located within Antarctica, between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land. 

This faraway land was explored in great detail by the German Antarctic expedition.

Theyh even came across parts with warm fresh-water, ice-free areas and vegetation, in an area where according to science, everything is frozen.

While mapping the area, they discovered a vast network of underground warm-water rivers and caves.

One of these caves extended down 20-30 miles and contained a large geothermal lake

The cave was explored and construction teams were sent in to build a city-sized base, dubbed Base 211 or New Berlin.

According to a number of rumors, "Station 211" did exist.

If it did, then it must have been [maybe still is] located inside the ice-free mountain range in the Mühlig-Hofmann Mountains.

However, today many people rush and dismiss the existence of secret bases on Antarctica suggesting there is no evidence to support such claims.

As always, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Facts are difficult to track down since there is a mind-boggling amount of stories and "alleged" witnesses who state the Nazis had created a Shangri-La, an impregnable fortress at Neuschwabenland.

Many authors propose that in 1946-47 Admiral Byrd, one of the most famous American polar explorers searched for secret Nazi bases. 

Many authors propose that the Operation Highjump —when Admiral Byrd had at his disposal the largest armada ever sent to Antarctica—was established to investigate a Nazi presence.

Operation Highjump was curiously terminated six months earlier than expected. No one can say for sure whether or not Admiral Byrd searched for the secret Nazi base, or if he ever stumbled across it.

Researchers, however, did find the so-called ice-free mountains. 

Between 1956 and 1960, a Norwegian exploration team mapped extensive parts of Queen Maud Land where they stumbled across areas with vegetation and to the surprise of many, they also discovered the mountains matching the description of the rumors behind Station 211.

Secrecy and Mysteries Challenge the Official History of Antarctica
Jordan Sather
6 January 2017 
In late 1946, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia on a mission to Antarctica called "Operation Highjump". This mission involved 4700 soldiers, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft in what was officially called a research expedition.

The part of the story that is seldom told outside of official circles is what Byrd encountered there. While conventional knowledge of World War II states that Germany was defeated in Europe, which is true, little is often said about the Nazi escape South to their bases in Antarctica. While the Allied powers won World War II on the ground in Europe due to their industrial might, the Nazi’s had far more advanced technology, and many members of Hitler’s regime reportedly fled to the icy continent after the war.

It is highly likely Operation Highjump was a military operation to engage these enemy forces, and was apparently unsuccessful, as Byrd and his battle group suffered heavy losses and retreated to South America. A Chilean newspaper, the "El Mercurio", ran an article detailing Operation Highjump on 5 March 1947, where Admiral Byrd stated in an interview:

“It is necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions…" 
German secret societies, such as the Thule and Vril, are believed to already have had access to electrogravitic, or antigravity, technologies, and had created what is known as the "Bell craft", named after its bell like shape. These craft, with their advanced propulsion systems, are thought to have been effective in neutralizing the 13 ship battle group. In the years after World War II, many Nazi scientists immigrated into America to work within the medicine, aerospace, and Intelligence corporations. This situation makes one wonder if American hands were essentially forced to accept these refugees.

The world then entered the Cold War years, but the mystery surrounding Antarctica persists.

In 1959, the Antarctica Treaty was signed by 12 nations, including Argentina, Chile, the UK, the US, and the Soviet Union, who had scientists operating in and around Antarctica. Fast-forwarding nearly 60 years, another Antarctic protection deal was recently ratified in October 2016, this time signed by 24 different nations along with the European Union. This set aside the largest marine conservation area in the world.

Now the question is, why are America, China and Russia co-operating on the preservation of the wildest regions of planet when so many of their current policies are producing increased enmity and tension, and the rest of the world has become an expendable war zone?

At the same time, there has been a rise in reporting on events in Antarctica, albeit mostly from tabloid journals. On 21 November 2016, an article in "The Sun", reported on "mysterious new pyramids" found buried on the icy continent, largely discussing a video showing Google Earth images detailing geometric, pyramidal structures in the icy tundra. Another article, this time by "The Express", also detailed these pyramid structures, while outlining scientific evidence supporting the theory that Antarctica used to harbor vegetation and life. Lastly, "The Daily Star" published an article also describing how an ancient civilization would have been possible due to the scientific discoveries that Antarctica was possibly ice-free in the past, also touching on the intriguing Piri Reis map, a 500-year-old document showing Antarctica on it, centuries before the official discovery of the icy continent.

Oddly enough, several significant figures have recently traveled to the Antarctic region in recent months, and under mysterious or vaguely defined circumstances. During the election, Secretary of State John Kerry flew down to the continent to "study global warming". Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin also visited in recent weeks, and was forced to cut short his journey due to a sudden medical emergency.

Furthermore, other notable researchers have been reporting in recent weeks on the potential for a “partial disclosure scenario” involving Antarctica, with the potential to reveal hidden technologies, information on ancient civilizations, and elite plans for maintaining their powerful grip on planet earth, however, such speculation is above and beyond what we can actually prove at this point.

Nevertheless, continuing Antarctic research expeditions, combined with Antarctica’s suspicious political past, today’s reported findings of megalithic structures on the barren continent, recent high-profile visitations, and updated political treaties for Antarctica, are giving rise to a growing public curiosity about what may really be happening on the uninhabited continent.

What is really taking place in Antarctica?

Conspiracy of Silence: Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, Lockheed-Martin, and High Strangeness in Antarctica
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
28 June 2016 

In case you missed it with all the talk about BREXIT – you know, all that talk about how the EU and the euro will inevitably collapse, how the BREXIT vote strengthens the Dollar, and how a cap will eventually be put on the Euro and people caught in the currency will lose yet more wealth and how the D-Mark and some revival of the old Exchange Rate Mechanism will return and so forth – there was a very interesting story coming out of Antarctica that Mr. S.D. and a few others shared, and it caught my eye for a number of reasons, not the least because of one statement stuck in the middle of an otherwise apparently “bland” article: "South Pole medical evacuation flight launched".

News Release 16-071

South Pole medical evacuation flight launched
Plane to fly patient out of Antarctica for treatment unavailable on the continent
14 June 2016

Officials with the National Science Foundation [NSF] have launched a medical evacuation flight to NSF's scientific station at the geographic South Pole.

After comprehensive consultation with outside medical professionals, agency officials decided that a medical situation at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station warrants returning a member of the station's winter crew to a hospital that can provide a level of medical care that is unavailable at the station.

The patient is seasonally employed through the Lockheed Martin Antarctic Support Contract [ASC], the prime contract for operations and research support contractor to NSF for the United States Antarctic Program [USAP]. NSF is not releasing any further personal or medical information to preserve the patient's privacy.

Two propeller-driven Twin Otter aircraft, operated by Kenn Borek Air, Ltd., a Canadian firm that provides contractual logistical support to the Antarctic Program, left Calgary this morning on the first leg of an intercontinental flight to the Pole.

The mission will be highly weather-dependent and the current best-case scenario is that a plane would arrive at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station no sooner than 19 June.

Drawing on the support of other national Antarctic programs, NSF has approved a plan under which the aircraft will fly from Canada via South America to Rothera, a research station on the Antarctic Peninsula managed by the British Antarctic Survey.

One of the aircraft will remain at Rothera to provide search-and-rescue capability, while the other aircraft will fly the roughly 1,500 miles from Rothera to the Pole to pick up the patient.

It currently is mid-winter in Antarctica. Normally, flights in and out of Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station are not planned between February and October due to the extreme cold and darkness.

Kenn Borek, however, has the experience of flying two similar medical evacuation flights - one in 2001 and another in 2003.

The Twin Otter aircraft that Kenn Borek flies are able to operate in extremely low temperatures and are able to land on skis. As there is no tarmac runway at the South Pole, the aircraft must land in total darkness on compacted snow.

Because of the complexity of the operation, the evacuation will require contributions from multiple entities involved in the U.S. Antarctic Program including weather forecasts from the U.S. Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems [PAWAR] Center Atlantic; expertise from the University of Texas Medical Branch; and various contributions from ASC, NSF's Colorado-based Antarctic logistics contractor as well as assistance from other nations.

Amundsen-Scott is one of three year-round stations NSF operates in Antarctica in its role as manager the U.S. Antarctic Program, the nation's research program on the southernmost continent.

There are 48 people wintering at Amundsen-Scott, performing a variety of tasks related to station maintenance and science. These include overseeing long-term monitoring of the atmosphere and its constituent gases -- such as methane and carbon dioxide -- and scientific observations by two radio telescopes; the 10-meter South Pole Telescope and the BICEP/Keck telescopes, which are using the Cosmic Microwave Background to investigate the early history of the universe, including investigations of dark energy and dark matter that makes up most of the cosmos. Also included is the Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory, which is designed to observe subatomic particles, produced by some of the most violent and exotic cosmic phenomena, including black holes.


Now, before we get to that strange statement and my high octane speculation of the day, note that this story concerns the medical evacuation of an unnamed member of a scientific team. It’s not the first such story we’ve seen coming out of Antarctica in recent years, as other such flights have been made, but they have been shrouded in a pall of secrecy: little real information has come out about why these flights are necessary. You’ll note, for example, that in this article there’s very little real information about why this medical evcauation was necessary, and a lot of … well, fluff about Antarctic flights and so on. In the past, the pattern has been similar, and has fueled all sorts of speculation and “conspiracy theories” about the discovery of deadly dormant viruses and other diseases.

A few years ago, the focus was on Lake Vostok and what the Russians were doing there which, again, was shrouded in secrey. Then, more recently, there was the strange visit to the southern continent of Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill III, the first Christian hierarch –Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican or otherwise– to visit the southern polar continent. Kirill posed, of course, for the photo op with the penguins, and then flew back to Russia. And this occurred, lest we forget, after his meeting with Pope Francis I in Havanna.

That too, fueled all sorts of speculations, including a story that the Saudis had dug up some sort of ancient apocalyptic “horn of Gabriel” technology while excavating near the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The story –so it went– was that the Saudis turned in desperation to Mr. Putin and the Russians, who promptly took the alleged recovered technology to Antarctica, and buried it.

And, lest we forget, there are of course all those stories about Nazis, flying saucers, and secret Antarctic Nazi flying saucer research bases. Of course, I’ve never been on board with that interpretation of the Nazi presence there, and have detailed the reasons why in various books and interviews. Nonetheless, these rumors were fueled by the strange and sudden evacuation of Admiral Byrd’s postwar Operation High Jump expedition to the continent. But as I’ve also pointed out [in "Roswell and the Reich", there were very strange seismic events allegedly being recorded on the continent of wild long standing waves that far exceeded the normal siesmic signatures of earthquakes, even very large ones. And, lest we forget, those were posted by a German amateur following the strange goings on in Antarctica.

So, all of this, I suppose, is the context in which, perhaps, to view the following strange statement in the article, indeed, the only statement in the article of any real factual significance, and one which invites –nay, almost compels– some high octane speculation:

"The patient is seasonally employed through the Lockheed Martin Antarctic Support Contract [ASC], the prime contract for operations and research support contractor to NSF for the United States Antarctic Program [USAP]. NSF is not releasing any further personal or medical information to preserve the patient’s privacy".
[Emphasis added]
Say that again please? Lockheed-Martin has a contract for scientific research in Antarctica? The same Lockheed-Martin renowned for advanced aerodynamics, the same Lochheed-Martin that is a key corporate defense contractor and player in the US military-industrial complex? The same Lockheed-Martin that recently rolled out its small nuclear fusion reactor [that, let it be recalled, looked suspiciously like the 1960s patents for the same by Philo Farnsworth], small enough to “fit on the back of a truck?” The same Lockheed-Martin whose former chief of its “Skunk works”, Ben Rich, is alleged to have said before he died that "we found an error in the equations" and now "we can take ET home" and a number of other equally provocative remarks? The same Lockheed-Martin that is alleged, in certain alternative research and Ufology circles has been one of the companies in the vanguard of “anti-gravity” research?

Well, I think you can guess where my high octane speculation is going: Lockheed-Martin would not be in Antarctica investigating penguins, nor taking ice core samples, sponsoring seismic studies or investigating Antarctica’s many thermal pools and lakes. It’s an aeronautics company. Airplanes, conventional and otherwise, are its bailiwick, in addition to data-management and so on and so forth. Did they find some sort of lost ancient high technology there? A crashed flying saucer? No one is saying, and in the absence of any clear indications, then wild and wooly speculations abound.

But, I cannot help but recall, that two of the sponsors of the Nazis expedition in 1938-39 to Antarctica were none other than Rudolf Hess, Reichsleiter of the Nazi party at the time [and we all remember who his secretary was - Martin Bormann], and Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring.

Hess, of course, had his life-long interest in the occult and esoteric, ended up flying to Great Britain in May 1941, trying to negotiate a peace with the UK, and spent the rest of his life in Spandau Prison, and died under circumstances so suspicious that his British physician questioned whether or not his patient was the real Hess, or a substituted double. But Hermann Göring was all nuts and bolts business and technology and had but one interest: power, and the advancement of German power and interests. Needless to say, it was a strange combination of patrons for an Antarctic expedition dealing only with matters of "pure scientific inquiry".

And Lockheed-Martin’s presence on the continent only enhances the mystery of what the great powers are doing down there. And, let it be noted, fits that Hess-Göring pattern

More High Strangeness in Antarctica 
Dr Joseph P. Farrell
4 December 2016

Antarctica might well have been a temperate, even a jungle Continent, as recently as that 13KYA time frame. A sudden change in the Earth’s alignment relative to the sun would have plunged this once hospitable land into a perpetual freezing hell, as cold as Mars in some places. Indeed, it is easy to see Antarctica as Hitler did, as the source of worldwide "Atlantis" legends we have all heard and read.

According to least one source, Dr. Werner Von Braun of NASA was convinced that Hitler’s belief in an "Atlantis below the ice was correct".

In last Thursday’s "News and Views from the Nefarium" I spoke about the strangeness going on in Earth’s polar continent, Antarctica, and the strange visitors there over the past few months. It began with the visit of Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow Kirill III, a visit followed by Secretary of State John Kerry, at the height of the American presidential election, which also occurred during an otherwise predominantly diplomatic tour. Then, as I noted in the "News and Views", this was followed by the most recent visit of former Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who had to be medically evacuated [so we’re told], as his "condition" had "deteriorated".

We were not, of course, informed that Mr. Aldrin even had a "condition", much less from what it had "deteriorated". Aldrin does follow a string of such medical evacuations, which similarly we’re told little about after the fact.

All of this only highlights the strangeness of the southernmost continent, and of the strange list of people associated with it. As I pointed out in last Thursday’s "News and Views", this list of "top people" associated with Antarctica now includes the following very bizarre list: Rudolf Hess, Nazi Party Reichsleiter; Hermann Göring, Reichsmarschall and founder of the Luftwaffe, both of whom played sponsoring roles for the Nazi expedition to the continent in 1938-1939; Admiral Richard Byrd, who, incidentally, had been flown to Nazi Germany to brief the expedition on conditions it could expect, and who led the Operation Highjump in 1947. The outcome of that expedition, and Admiral Byrd’s strange remarks at the end of it to the Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio", need not be rehearsed again here. Then, in the past few months, we’ve see added to this list Patriarch Kirill III, the only Christian bishop and hierarch ever to visit the continent, followed within a few months by John Kerry, the highest-ranking political figure ever to visit there short of a head of state, and now, Buzz Aldrin, moon astronaut.  Hess, Göring, Byrd, Kirill, Kerry, and Aldrin.

The list could not be more bizarre.

All that’s missing would seem to be visits of the Queen, the Japanese Emperor, the Pope, the Dalai and Panchen Lamas, a couple Ayatollahs, a Grand Rabbi, a Yoga or two, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Benito Mussolini’s heirs. And at this stage, I wouldn’t be surprised to find any of them making a sudden "tourist visit".

But there’s been more to this odd story that has been brought to my attention since Thursday’s "News and Views", this time by Mr. J.H., who shared the following tweet from Mr. Aldrin himself:

The words themselves are simple, yet thought-provoking:

"We’re ready to go to Antarctica! May be our last opportunity to tweet for a few days! We’re go for departure to the Launchpad!"
Of course, these words can be read for what they are: nothing significant, just a retired astronaut using the rhetorical language of a thrilling departure for an exciting voyage in terms he’s accustomed to.

But equally, in my penchant for high octane speculation, and given their wider context of "strange people associated with Antarctica", the words "go for departure to the Launchpad" could be seen in a very different way, for they can be taken to imply that Antarctica is some sort of "Launchpad". This of course conjures all the strange myths of UFOs [Nazi or otherwise], outlandish hollow earth theories, and other arcana associated with the southern continent.

Lest I be misunderstood, I’m not a subscriber to the Nazi-survival-and-secret-UFO-research-base-in-Antarctica theory, and certainly not a subscriber to the standard "hollow earth" theories, but the language is strange, in a continent associated with strangeness. Aldrin’s choice of words only highlight, rather than diminish, the strangeness of the place, the events, and the people associated with it.

But there’s more; according to this article shared by Ms. B.Z., it seems that early on in the Obama Administration, President Obama proposed extending current treaty agreements about tourism to Antarctica, and wanted to limit tourism to the continent, and hey, it’s high on pretty much everyone’s list as a tourist destination. Host [ess] of the Arctic and Antarctic conferences? Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Apparently Mr. Aldrin and Secretary Kerry didn’t get that E-mail [perhaps Wikileaks did]. But after all, they’re not ordinary "tourists" by any stretch of the imagination. Neither are Admiral Byrd, or Patriarch Kirill [who also apparently didn’t get that E-mail].

This is another case of "you tell me," but it seems fairly clear that the high strangeness associated with the place at least since Herren Hess and Göring set their eyes on it hasn’t abated. Something is going on down there, and it’s high time we’re told what it is. After all, they have nothing to fear, for having lied about magic bullets, the 'U.S.S. Maine' and a whole host of other things, who would believe them anyway?

Hidden History: "Antarctic Atlantis" - Human Settlements Under the Ice Down There? 
Joseph P. Farrell
7 April 2017 
Just when you thought that Antarctica could not possibly become any stranger, reality comes along and upsets things. And it certainly has been strange. For one thing, temperatures in the southern polar continent have been on average about 20 degrees warmer than normal, and I even read a report that certain places in Antarctica reached a balmy 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and that indeed was very convenient, because we were told that the strange visits of former Secretary of State John Kerry and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin were all about "climate change". Well, indulge my high octane speculation for a moment: if one can manipulate weather systems, then boosting the temperature in Antarctica a bit to "help out the narrative" would not be all that farfetched, if one grants the assumption. And personally, I put nothing past these people. “See? it got up to 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit! So Kerry’s visit was about climate change. Nothing to see here, move along".

Except that Kerry isn’t the only one to have shown a sudden interest in Antarctica. Readers of my website and of my books will know that he’s but the most recent famous visitor and world leader to take an interest in the continent, a list which includes Admiral Richard Byrd, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince What’s-his-name from Great Britain, Kirill III Patriarch of Moscow, and oh yes, did we mention the Nazi expedition and its sponsors Rudolf Hess – who ended up in Great Britain in May of 1941 for reasons that are still difficult to fathom and then spent the rest of his life in Spandau prison, where his British physician discovered reasons to believe that "Hess" was not Hess, while Frau Hess adamantly maintained he was, and Hermann Göring. One made add to this list the planned visit of elements of Russia’s Baltic Sea Fleet, which, as I pointed out a few weeks ago, was not known for the success of its half-way-round-the-world junkets [see the Russo-Japanese War, Admiral Rozhdestvenski, Admiral Togo etc]. A strange mix indeed: Orthodox Patriarchs, US diplomats and astronauts, British and Spanish royalty, the Deputy Führer of Nazi Germany [not as a visitor, but as an "interested party") and the founder and head of the Luftwaffe [again, not as a visitor but as an "interested party"], and an American Admiral and a few U.S. Marines.

Nothing to see here, move along.

In my previous high octane speculations about all this Antarctimania I’ve suggested that there might be four basic reasons for all this interest (1) “they” had need to conduct secret negotiations with “someone” and where better to do it than balmy Antarctica, where access is strictly controlled; or (2) "they" had found something down there, of an extraterrestrial nature, either life or technology or both; or (3) "they" had found something relating to humanity’s distant past and perhaps to the legend of Atlantis [after all, Antarctica is a continent submerged under lots of water in the form of ice]; or (4) some combination of elements, or all, of the above.

With that in mind, consider this article shared by Mr. B.H. [and many others], for it looks like options (3) and (4) might now be the main contenders in our list of high octane speculative options.

Note the opening two paragraphs.

NASA Images Reveal Traces of Ancient Human Settlement Underneath 2.3 km of Ice

WASHINGTON | Recently released remote sensing photography of NASA’s Operation IceBridge mission in Antarctica led to a fascinating discovery when images revealed what some experts believe could be the existence of a possible ancient human settlement lying beneath an impressive 2.3 kilometers of ice.

The intriguing discovery was made during aircraft tests trials of NASA’s Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System [ATLAS] lidar technology set to be launched on the Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 [ICESat-2] in May 2017, to measure ice sheet mass elevation, sea ice freeboard as well as land topography and vegetation characteristics.

"There’s very little margin for error when it comes to individual photons hitting on individual fiber optics, that is why we were so surprised when we noticed these abnormal features on the lidar imagery". explains Nathan Borrowitz, IceBridge’s project scientist and sea ice researcher with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

"As of now we can only speculate as to what these features are but the launching of ICESat-2 in 2017 could lead to other major discoveries and a better understanding of Antarctica’s geomorphological features", he adds.

Although NASA scientist Nathan Borrowitz claims the infrared images are definitely intriguing, other experts claim they are clearly the proof of ancient human engineering.

Leading archeologist, Ashoka Tripathi, of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calcutta believes the images show clear evidence of an ancient human settlement beneath the ice sheet.

"These are clearly features of some sort of human-made structure, resembling some sort of pyramidal structure. The patterns clearly show nothing we should expect from natural geomorphological formations found in nature. We clearly have here evidence of human engineering. The only problem is that these photographs were taken in Antarctica under 2 kilometers of ice. That is clearly the puzzling part, we do not have any explanation for this at the moment", he admits.

"These pictures just reflect a small portion of Antarctica’s total land mass. There are possibly many other additional sites that are covered over with ice. It just shows us how easy it is to underestimate both the size and scale of past human settlements", says Dr Tripathi.

Historian and cartographer at the University of Cambridge, Christopher Adam, believes there might be a rationnal explanation.

"One of histories most puzzling maps is that of the Turkish admiral Piri Reis in 1513 AD which successfully mapped the coastline of Antarctica over 500 years ago. What is most fascinating about this map is that it shows the coastline of Antarctica without any ice. How is this possible when images of the subglacial coastline of Antarctica were only seen for the first time after the development of ground-penetrating radar in 1958? Is it possible Antarctica has not always been covered under such an ice sheet? This could be evidence that it is a possibility", he acknowledges.

"A slight pole shift or displacement of the axis of rotation of the Earth in historical times is possibly the only rational explanation that comes to mind but we definitely need more research done before we jump to any conclusion".

I don’t know about you, but assuming that these photos are genuine, the image on the right clearly looks artificial to me, and an Indian archaeologist, Ashoka Tripathi, as noted in the article, concurs.

The problem, as noted, is that this is buried under two kilometers –that’s about 1.2 miles for those of you still using the more scientific Imperial metrology– and that raises the problem of how such a habitation became encrusted with about a mile of ice. Predictably, the explanation runs to the Piri Reis map.

What I find so incredible here is that the final two paragraphs are being advanced by Cambridge University cartographer Christopher Adam, who also appears to be accepting of the hypothesis that has been bandied about in alternative research for decades as an explanation for the 16th century Turkish Admiral’s map and its highly anomalous depiction of the coastline of Antarctica without ice. The topic of axial rotational shift and even crustal displacement was first advanced by science teacher Charles Hapgood who made an extensive study of the Piri Reis map in his classic study, "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings". Hapgood subsequently wrote a book about his theory of crustal displacement, with a foreword by none other than Dr. Albert Einstein. Let it also be noted, as I pointed out in my book "The Financial Vipers of Venice", that in the marginalia of the Piri Reis map, the Turkish admiral also states that Christopher Columbus had mediaeval maps of the new world, and undertook a secret journey to the New World prior to his famous "voyage of discovery" in 1492, but that’s another story.

What’s intriguing of course is to contemplate when such an event might have occurred, and my high octane intuition suggests that this might have been concurrent with some ancient catastrophe, such as blowing up a planet in a war, the shock waves of which might have concussed the Earth, tipping it slightly, and burying an entire continent under lots of water which froze. And let’s remember, in Plato’s accounting of the Atlantis myth, the "Lost Continent" was known for its warlike ways.

So if this is human habitation, it certainly would be a significant enough discovery to call forth the attentions of US Secretaries of State, Patriarchs of Moscow, Baltic Sea Fleets, and Apollo 11 moon astronauts, for it would be an attestation of the truthfulness –in some degree– of the Atlantis myth. Recall however, that in that myth, it is strongly suggested that Atlantis was possessed of "technologies of war" that would be of interest as well, which might rationalize the attentions of American Admirals, Nazi Party Reichsleiters and the founder of the Luftwaffe. The problem there of course, is whether they knew of such things, and if so, how, since it is buried under lots of ice, and radar tomography from satellites did not develop until after World War Two.

So if it’s a human [or other] habitation, how does one investigate? Well, one way, of course, is to drill down through the ice and carefully excavate a subterranean chamber for conventional archaeological study.

And the other way, of course, is simply to melt the ice, while calling it "climate change".

President Obama to Visit San Carlos De Bariloche… You Fill In ...
Joseph P. Farrell
12 March 2016

So many people sent me versions of this article that at first, I didn't believe it, but as I checked around -on Yahoo for example- it turns out it is true: President Barack Obama will visit southern Argentina, Patagonia to be precise, and San Carlos de Bariloche to be even more precise.

Now, for those who've been following my books, you'll immediately recognize San Carlos de Bariloche as the epicenter for all sorts of postwar Nazi mischief: "fusion" projects for Juan Perón, Estancias [ranches] for 'Dolf and other high ranking murderous malcontents, and, just over the Andes in roughly the same southern regions of Chile [around Paral, if  you've been paying attention], the notorious Colognia Dignidad, training center for Pinochet's Intelligence forces, infamous Nazi compound, and secret manufacturer of chemical weapons - little things like Sarin gas and other WMDs. It's a vacation wonderland for former Regia Marina, Kriegsmarine, and Imperial Japanese Navy sorts, among many others. Even the grand master of the Italian Loge Propaganda Due, Licio Gelli, managed to make his way to the place after the Italian government shut him down. We know the region for its Bavarian-style chalets and "hotel", which used to be a plastic surgery clinic [Gee...I wonder why?], for its annual anniversary celebrations [among many other such places in South America] of 'Dolf's birthday.  Across the border with Brazil, we have all heard of those stories of the village where Indian parents are bearing children with blond hair and blue eyes.

No connection. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Now if you've been following all those postwar developments, then you can probably guess what my high octane speculation of the day is, so, for the moment, we'll forego mentioning any of that, to concentrate on a few obvious and much more rational explanations. In recent years there has been a running battle between Argentina, and western hedge funds managers, over moneys Argentina owes them. Recall, for a moment, those fiery speeches given by former Argentine President Fernandez de Kirchner at the UN. Argentina has a new President now [Mauricio Macri], and doubtless, those outstanding issues will top the list of discussions between Macri and Obama, and doubtless the latter is being sent more as an emissary of those vested financial interests.

So... we can all take a deep breath, and relax, and quit thinking about what we were all thinking about, namely, that "peculiar history" of the region in the immediate postwar period. That's all old news, old history. Surely nothing like that is possible now.

Yet... I wonder. Consider the statements, or rather, lack thereof about Mr. Obama's visit. In fact, most versions of this story are so short, we can cite the entire thing:

"Argentina's president says that U.S. President Barack Obama will spend several days in a popular part of Patagonia during his trip to the South American country this month.

"President Mauricio Macri made the comments to reporters Thursday in Bariloche, a visit televised by several local stations.

"The town in southern Argentina is known for its lakes and snow-covered mountains.

"Macri said Obama would 'spend a few days' in Bariloche, but didn't provide more details. A spokeswoman at the U.S. Embassy in Argentina declined comment. A spokeswoman in Argentina's Foreign Ministry said she couldn't immediately comment.

Obama's visit to Argentina is planned for 23-24 March. It was not immediately clear if the trip to Bariloche would be a vacation or if the official visit would be extended a few days".

Of course, what's interesting here is first of all the obvious: it's nothing more than a quiet peaceful region with beautiful scenery and snow-covered mountains. [A veritable Argentine version of Obersalzberg]. In other words, nothing whatsoever is said about the postwar "peculiarities" of the region in the "lame stream media", and one would think that it would merit at least some mention, just as a "curiosity": "Oh how fun! Obama is going to play golf where there used to be a bunch of Nazis".

But then there's that series of statements that Argentina's Foreign Ministry, the U.S. Embassy, and even President Macri himself, are declining further comment, doubtless because the agenda -that well-known dispute between Argentina and the various western hedge funds- is at the top of the list.

Nothing unusual going on here. Nothing to see. Nothing to be concerned about. Move along.

But then there's that disturbing possibility that we're all thinking about. Perhaps the meeting is between "certain people" and Mr. Obama, so that the latter can be informed of "the way things are" and to receive new "marching orders". After all, the locals of the region preserve stories of a quiet, sudden, quick, and secret visit of President Eisenhower to the region in 1954, during that period he famously "went missing" for a couple of days, ostensibly to have a tooth worked on, or, if one listens to the UFOlogy crowd, to have a secret meeting with extra-terrestrials at California's Muroc air base.

But if one listens to the locals in Bariloche, he was there, meeting with representatives of a military-industrial complex, one that he had fought...

So, color me skeptical here, but I cannot help but wonder...

And in any case, the story is worth watching carefully.

Obama, Bariloche, and That Chinese Secret Space Base in Patagonia
By Joseph P. Farrell
28 March 2016

Last week I blogged about the strange visit of President Obama to President Macri of Argentina, in the southern Argentine city of San Carlos di Bariloche. As most readers of my books are aware, that fact alone sent my Suspicion Meter into the Red Zone, for the Rio Negro region of Argentina was [or is that "is"] the home of a large community of, well, "veterans" from World War Two, and I don't mean Allied veterans. Rumors abound in the region from Argentine locals of hideaways for Hitler, for [more importantly] Martin Bormann, and other high-ranking Nazis. 

The Unvarnished Truth: A review of Paul Manning’s "Martin Bormann, Nazi In Exile"  
John C. Sanders 
26 December 2016 
Anticipating the defeat of the Third Reich, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany in addition to patents and other proprietary industrial information.

An organizational genius and the real power behind Hitler, Bormann, known as the “Brown Eminence”, successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a “Reich in Exile” in the years following the war.

With remnants of the SS as an enforcement arm, former Gestapo chief General Heinrich Müller as security director, the 750 corporations as a base of economic power and the willing silence and cooperation of the Western Allies, Bormann guided his organization to a position of consummate power.

One banker quoted by Manning termed the Bormann Organization, the “world’s most important accumulation of money power under one control in history”.

Controlling Germany’s major corporations, the Federal Republic itself and much of Latin America, the Bormann Organization also maintained a formidable circle of influence in the United States.

Paul Manning has written the definitive text on the Bormann Organization. Manning worked with CBS radio during World War II in London as a member of the elite Edward R. Murrow/Walter Cronkite team and then became a speechwriter for Nelson Rockefeller.

Several decades after WWII, Manning stumbled across the U.S. military CSDIC [Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centers] interviews of members of German industrial and banking magnates in the US National Archives. Aghast at the findings, Manning set out to write a book about the secret machinations of Nazi money laundering.

Unknown to Manning, the manuscript was a stake in the heart of former CIA director Allen Dulles, who represented many German interests on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1930’s and 40’s through his law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell with offices in New York and Berlin.

Upon the German surrender, Dulles was instrumental in quietly recruiting Hitler’s chief Intelligence officer General Reinhard Gehlen and many of his key operatives. They were brought to Fort Hunt, Virginia and folded into the American O.S.S. which was converted into the C.I.A. with enactment under Truman of NSC-68 in 1948. Gehlen remained covertly in full U.S. employ until returning to head the German BND in the fifties.

Concerned over public exposure of Manning’s investigation, Dulles volunteered to “help” the unsuspecting Manning with his manuscript, and sent him on a carefully orchestrated wild goose chase, searching for Martin Bormann in South America. Without knowing that he had been deliberately sidetracked, Manning wrote a forward to his book personally thanking Allen Dulles for his assurance that “I was on the right track” and “should keep going".

In actuality, Dulles’ assistance was aimed at sending Manning and his manuscript into obscurity to avoid disclosure of the transfer and protection of Nazi money.

Through its connections with major American corporations, the Bormann group successfully pressured publisher after publisher to decline Manning’s manuscript. Of particular significance in the suppression of Manning’s book was the Thyssen family. Patriarch Fritz Thyssen was Hitler’s earliest and most prominent backer among German industrialists. His grandson, Count Zichy-Thyssen, who controlled Thyssen Steel from his base in Argentina, let it be known it would be very much appreciated if American publishers “stayed away” from the Manning text.

Manning finally found a home for the book at the maverick publishing house Lyle Stuart. In retaliation, the head of the publishing house had his legs broken the week the book was released and reviews of the book were blocked in major newspaper markets and mainstream publications. In 1993, after another decade of intense research, Manning’s son Jerry, was senselessly and inexplicably murdered.

Based on information garnered from his contacts in the Intelligence community, Manning concluded the killing was in retaliation for his continued work and intent to publish a follow-up book, "In Search of Martin Bormann". The death of his son devastated Manning and stymied completion of the 2nd book. He died shortly after in 1995.

In December 1998, California-based researcher and broadcaster Dave Emory conducted a live, on-air radio interview with Manning’s surviving son, Peter, concerning the Bormann flight capital organization and his father’s work in bringing its activities to light. Peter movingly recounted the difficulties his family experienced as a result of his father’s work on the book.

In addition to surveillance and harassment, the family experienced economic and mental hardship as a result of deliberate efforts by elements hostile to its message. For obvious reasons, copies of this book were assiduously removed from market and have, for some time, been unobtainable.

This landmark work nonetheless remains the unvarnished truth regarding Germany’s post-war economic rebirth and lays the groundwork for understanding its current bid for dominance in manufacturing, banking and most importantly, publishing.

"Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile" is without peer in detail, accuracy and courage in probing the most important and successfully concealed story of the twentieth century.

Mandatory reading.

As I wrote in my books "SS Brotherhood of the Bell" and "The Nazi International", local researchers, including British researcher Geoffrey Brooks, maintain that the celebrated Nazi Bell project went, not to the USA, but to Argentina, a possibility that I think has great merit, given the detailed postwar connections of Dr. Ronald Richter's "fusion" project for Juan Perón with that project, including the same German company!

So, needless to say, my Suspicion Meter went into the red zone.

But there's more apparently going on in middle and southern Argentina than simply Bavarian chalets and plastic surgery clinics cum-hotels. China has also a major interest in the region for its space program,

Contrary to any explanations that this might be the real reason for Mr. Macri and Mr. Obama having frank discussions in Bariloche, this only raises my Suspicion Meter even more. Why? Well, for one thing, even though the government of Ms. Fernandez-de Kirchner has been replaced with a more "pro-USA" government, it would be foolish to assume that Argentinians have forgotten all about the ongoing disputes over its debt to western hedge funds, nor that they have forgotten about American unipolarism. Under Ms. Kirchner, Argentina expressed a quiet desire to associate with the BRICSA bloc, and in the long term, I do not think in the long term this will change.

As such, Argentina, like the other BRICSA nations, needs to have independent means of financial clearing that are not dependent on the USA. That of course, means space. Enter China: China needs south hemisphere tracking and communications capabilities for its space program. But there's been a bit of high octane speculation out there that China's space program may have "found things" on the Moon, and I've certainly been in the camp that there are strange things on the Moon and Mars, things that are the creation of intelligence. I've been in that camp that has suggested that the non-American space programs have been, in part, about verifying the existence of such things, things suggested by NASA's own space program, but never, ever, publicly admitted and always, always, disputed. I've also suggested, in my high octane musings, and in particular in "The SS Brotherhood of the Bell" and other books, that perhaps in return for making available to the American space program the results of some advanced technological access, that maybe the post-war Fascist International would have demanded access to "whatever was found out there". Technology, for information.

And this brings me to my wild and woolly high octane speculation of the day, one suggested by the Chinese space base in Argentina, and suggested by the dubious historical associations of the region: for perhaps the same type of arrangement is in existence, for after all, in one source, Argentina is said to have, as a part of the agreement, access to 10% of the antenna time of the Chinese base, and one can only conclude that there may be secret codicils to the agreement relating to any information from the Chinese base. And perhaps, just perhaps, that might be an indicator that the earlier deal with the USA might have been abrogated by one of the parties to it, and the reader can guess which one that probably was.


Was Hitler Building Advanced UFOs in Antarctica?
Was the U.S. military attacked by Nazi UFOs in the Antarctic during Operation Highjump after World War II?
By Diana Brown
27 February 2018

Fortunately, the Allies defeated the Nazis and Hitler in 1945 ... or did they?

Some believe that as many as 250,000 senior officers in the Nazi Party, perhaps even Hitler, escaped in U-Boats from Germany in the last days of the World War II.

But where would they have gone?

Some say they went to Argentina, protected by the sympathetic Juan Peron administration, but others believe they escaped to a secret base in Antarctica that was already developing startling and powerful new weapons.

Shortly after the end of World War, the United States mounted a huge expedition to Antarctica called Operation Highjump.

It wasn't the first time the U.S. went there.

As early as the 1800s, scientific teams from several countries were trying to explore, map and gain dominion over the last uninhabited continent. 

But the size of Operation Highjump exceeded all others.

More than 4,000 U.S. personnel, plus dozens of aircraft and ships were part of the expedition led by Adm. Richard Byrd. Although the mission was intended to last six to nine months, it ended abruptly after just one.

Conspiracy theorists believe it ended because the contingent was being constantly bombarded by artillery, and the men sustained heavy casualties.

Did brilliant German scientists really hunker down in the frozen desolation of the South Pole to continue inventing new weapons, unseen by the world? O

The official story from the United States regarding Operation Highjump is that only one plane crashed, killing three pilots.

And it's true the Nazis did mount their own expedition to Antarctica in 1938.

They didn't take enough personnel to build much of anything, let alone a technologically advanced base capable of creating UFOs.

Shocking Claim: John Kerry visited Antarctica to examine secret Nazi UFO base
US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Antarctica to examine the remains of a secret Nazi UFO base, it has extraordinarily been claimed.
By Jon Austin
Sunday Express
1 January 2017

Kerry visited the frozen continent last month, officially to highlight the effects of climate change, but conspiracy theorists bizarrely claim it was to examine “Nazi UFO bases.”

The madcap claim stems back to earlier conspiracy theories, one being that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his Berlin bunker in May 1945, but escaped in a submarine to a secret base in Antarctica. 

The other is astonishingly that the Nazis shared secret Antarctic UFO bases with reptilian alien species in the run up to WWII, where they experimented with flying saucer technology.

Now, after the Kerry visit, which conspiracy theorists suggest was to view these bases, it is being claimed that a Nazi UFO base is visible in images of the Antarctic taken by NASA. .

Conspiracists believe a number of the images – which have resurfaced online after being taken in 2006 – prove the German fascist party built massive bases for alien ships during World War II.

YouTube channel SecureTeam10 has claimed the 2006 images from the US space agency show a weird anomaly in the ice.

This area stretches around 150 miles, with scientists previously saying it is a crater from asteroid impact.

Tyler Glockner, who narrates the outlandish SecureTeam10 videos said in the new one: “To this day, scientists have no idea or way to discover exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf.

"This continent has been shrouded in a mystery of its own for years now."

Nigel Watson, author of the "UFOs: The Nazi Connection by Unexplained" Rapid Reads, said: "The idea of alien or flying saucer bases in Antarctica is nothing new. In 1962, Albert Bender who ran the International Flying Saucer Bureau [IFSB] in Bridgeport, Connecticut, claimed that alien beings took him to their underground HQ in Antarctica.

"At the base, he saw beautiful female aliens and aliens in the form of men.

"The purpose of the base was to extract chemicals from seawater to send back to their home planet. They told him that if we attacked them they could detonate all of our atomic weapons. 

"Such stories are used to support the idea that flying saucers are of Nazi origin and that they established an underground base at Antarctica after World War II. 

"Sceptics think such stories are the product of malicious disinformation or fantasies, yet that doesn’t stop people continuing to believing in their existence". 

Nazis and the Hollow Earth
Did Hitler's Nazis believe in a hollow Earth and escape after the war?
Stephen Wagner
9 July 2018

The Allies are closing in. Berlin is crumbling under the weight and impact of hundreds of Allied bombs. Deep in his fortified Bunker, Adolf Hitler, once unshakable in his confidence in Nazi world domination, now admits that defeat is at hand. But Hitler is determined never to suffer the humiliation of being captured by his enemies.

There is only one escape route — one he has planned for should he ever face just such a turn of events. Suicide is out of the question. Instead, Hitler and his corps of elite traverse through an underground tunnel to an isolated airstrip. There they board an unmarked plane and fly south. South to the pole. To the opening at the South Pole where they will enter the hollow Earth and disappear from history.

Hollow Earth Theory

This alternate scenario to history is actually accepted as fact by some proponents of the hollow Earth theory. And as incredible as it sounds, the genesis of this story lies in some facts that carry some merit: some of Hitler's top advisors — perhaps even Hitler himself — believed that the Earth was hollow, and there was at least one expedition by the ​Nazi military to exploit that belief for strategic advantage during the war.

As with all such stories, it's often difficult to sort out facts, exaggerations, and outright fabrications. But it's an intriguing tale, and one that requires a little background.

Different Hollow Earth Theories

There are several hollow Earth theories. The most prevalent one holds that there are great but hidden openings at both the North and South poles and that it is possible to enter those holes. Some — including the respected Admiral Byrd — claimed to have entered those holes. According to the legends, other civilizations live within the Earth on its inner surface, warmed and lit by an interior sun. The idea has inspired novels by Edgar Allen Poe ["MS Found in a Bottle"], Edgar Rice Borroughs ["At the Earth's Core'}, and Jules Verne ["A Journey to the Center of the Earth"].

A second theory, call the "inverted Earth" theory, claims that we — our civilization — actually exists on the inside of the globe. We are held fast to the ground not by gravity, but by centrifugal force as the Earth rotates. The stars, so goes the theory, are twinkling chunks of ice suspended high in the air, and the illusion of day and night is caused by a rotating central sun that is half brilliant, half dark.

Cyrus Teed, an alchemist from Utica, N.Y., was one of the first people to popularize this idea. So obsessed was he with the idea that he founded a religion based on it, changed his name to Koresh, and established a commune for Koreshanity in Chicago in 1888. In Germany, independently of the Koreshans, another group also was founded that adhered to the inverted Earth idea, and it was this concept that was accepted by some segments of the Nazi hierarchy.

The scenario told at the beginning of this article accepts one hollow Earth theory, while the facts seem to show that some Nazis actually believed in the other.

Hitler's Nazis were convinced that they were destined to rule the world, and they came to this warped conclusion through the acceptance of many occult beliefs and practices, including astrology, the prophecies of Nostradamus, and the hollow/inverted Earth theory... Hohlweltlehre.

Because they suspected that our surface is on the interior of a concave Earth, Hitler sent an expedition, including Dr. Heinz Fischer and powerful telescopic cameras, to the Baltic island of Rügen to spy on the British fleet. Fischer did so not by aiming his cameras across the waters, but by pointing them up to peer across the atmosphere to the Atlantic Ocean. The expedition was a failure, of course. Fischer's cameras saw nothing but sky, and the British fleet remained safe.

Escape to Antartica

Then there's the legend that Hitler and many of his Nazi minions escaped Germany in the closing days of World War II and fled to Antarctica where at the South Pole they had discovered an entrance to the Earth's interior. According to the Hollow Earth Research Society in Ontario, Canada, they are still there. After the war, the organization claims, the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy had vanished, along with almost a million people, to the land beyond the South Pole.

This story gets more complicated with Nazi-designed UFOs, Nazi collaboration with the people who live in the center of the Earth, and the explanation for "Aryan-looking" UFO pilots.

While the evidence for either hollow Earth theory is close to nil [although some folks claim to have proof in the form of photos], the story involving Nazis, war, and the romance of exploratory adventure sounds like the makings of a great Indiana Jones story.

In fact, it is! In the novel "Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth" by Max McCoy, Indy comes into the possession of a mysterious journal hinting at the existence of an underground civilization that he and the Nazis race to find. The fate of the world — hollow or not — is in Indy's hands!

Although deliberately obscured by the West today, Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler was obsessed with Neuschwabenland

This was the name given to the area of Antarctica located between 20oE and 10oW in Queen Maud Land which he believed would one day be the world capital of his “master race.” Allegedly there were 300 square miles of land without snow and ice.

Throughout the entire duration of the war the Nazis had allegedly shipped scientists, workers, technology and saucer components to this Antarctica base or bases. Some reports also allege that Adolf Hitler escaped capture and escaped to South America. Over one hundred German U Boats disappeared during World War II and were never found. According to German naval archives, months after Germany surrendered to the Allies in April, 1945, the German submarine U-530 arrived at the South Pole from the Port of Kiel. 

Antarctica Bases and Operation Highjump

Soviet archives have extensive files claiming that Nazi Germany and the United States forged an alliance prior to the end of World War II allowing Hitler and cohorts to escape to Antarctica in exchange for German technology that included the atomic bomb, advanced fighter jets, rocket and flying saucer technology. This would also explain the post WW2 global campaign to suppress the information concerning the free energy aspect of this from the public.

The 1513 Piri Reis map, with Antarctica at the bottom used by Western explorers to “discover” the New World and showing Antarctica to be ice-free with flowing rivers and a clean coastline.

We do know Nazi U977 and U530 submarines went aground in Argentina after carrying supplies to the Antarctic a few weeks after the end of war. Advanced U-Boats and supply ships operating out of neutral Spain allegedly carried hundreds of Germans to Antarctica and South America.

The first American expedition to explore Antarctica since 1840 was the Byrd Expedition from 1928-1930. Another US Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-41 visited the continent with Captain R. H. Cruzen in command.

At the end of war Intelligence reports reported Nazi’ ships were heading south. The Secretary of State, Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy on 7 August 1946 approved Operation Highjump.

A memorandum prepared for the meeting stated: 

“Navy proposes to send an expedition to the Antarctic early in 1947. The purpose of this expedition includes training personnel and testing material, consolidating and extending U.S. sovereignty over Antarctic areas, and investigating possible base sites. Rear Admiral Richard .E. Byrd will be designated as Officer-in-Charge of the project. Task Force Commander was Captain R. H. Cruzen”.

Both men had visited the area prior to the war and allegedly and located several “oases”, now secret areas of the Antarctic.

On 2 December 1946, the task force set sail for the Antarctic continent with a force of 13 ships carrying some 4,700 men The Task Force 68 included multiple aircraft aboard an aircraft carrier the 'USS Philippine Sea'. The Central Group of ships reached the Bay of Whales on 15 January 1947, and planned to stay for six months where they constructed temporary runways along the glaciers, in a base dubbed Little America IV. The ships navigated through an ice pack of several hundred miles before reaching Little America. Icebergs and unpredictable weather were formidable foes during the course of the expedition.

Upon arriving at the polar continent they reportedly split into three separate groups and began a massive reconnaissance-like operation taking over 50,000 photographs.

Operation Highjump has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground Nazi facilities in Antarctica and capture the German Vril flying discs. This has always been denied by the US Military.

Commander Graham Bethune and other Navy personnel claim the task force encountered "resistance" and that there was a battle between American and UFO forces operating there, with losses on both sides.

Reports claim disc shape craft came out of the sea coming through the ice attacking some of the ships and aircraft. A brief clip of this was allegedly caught on film.

Navy official photos show a crashed PBM aircraft, stating this aircraft with the call sign of "George 1" mysteriously blew up killing three airmen.

Naval ships and personnel were quickly withdrawn back to the United States in late February 1947, and the expedition was terminated allegedly due to the early approach of winter and worsening weather conditions.

Among the discoveries made during the 1946-47 expedition was the sighting of two “oases,” one a region of ice-free lakes and land. More than 300,000 square miles of uncharted territory was charted on aerial mapping operations. Their observations proved that radical changes would have to be made on existing maps of the Antarctic.” Why would warm spots, with warm water exist in the Antarctic? 

Admiral Byrd warned of an "invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the Polar regions"

These were not “isolated” remarks - he later repeated these points of view, resulting from he described as his “personal knowledge” gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service.

The Intelligence report, gathered from Soviet spies embedded in the US, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base. On the way, they encountered a mysterious UFO force that attacked the military expedition destroying several ships and a significant number of planes. Indeed, Operation Highjump had suffered “many casualties” as stated in initial press reports from Chile. The Navy officially lists four men were killed and many injured during the two month operation.

A Soviet documrentary  claims a destroyer was sunk:

The US was very upset with Admiral Byrd’s revelations, and the alien crashes at St Augustin and Roswell. They established, in 1947, The National Security Act creating the National Security Council.

Later in 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 nations that protects Antarctica and any foreign Intelligence that occupies this area.

The area on the mainland between 90 degrees west and 150 degrees west, combined with the interior of the Norwegian Sector is the only major land on Earth not claimed by any country. 

Article 1 – The area is to be used for peaceful purposes only; military activity, such as weapons testing, is prohibited but military personnel and equipment may be used for scientific research or any other peaceful purpose;
Article 2 – Freedom of scientific investigations and co-operation shall continue;
Article 3 – Free exchange of information and personnel in cooperation with the United Nations and other international agencies;
Article 4 – The treaty does not recognize, dispute, nor establish territorial sovereignty claims; no new claims shall be asserted while the treaty is in force;
Article 5 – The treaty prohibits nuclear explosions or disposal of radioactive wastes.